• The Original Mochi Baking Mix

Cookies n' Cream Mochi Waffles

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Save the Bother, Just Add Water

Fill Bakeshop x Manoa Bake Co. Mochi Donuts

From our kitchen to you, chew on something new

Something Familiar

Food evolves when we share and combine what we find to be delicious with our neighbors. Textures, flavors, love; foods have many beginnings, but no end. We welcome you to try what we worked together to create, and we hope you enjoy!

Why we do, what we do, when we do.

"At Manoa Bake Co. we believe in one thing, connecting people through food. Just like people, food has a story; Through the game of telephone we change the story ever so slightly to reflect the tastes we inherited from our homes. We welcome each and everyone of you to play along with us."

A Little Bit of Dis & A Little Bit of Dat

Local and Vocal

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