Matcha White Choco Chip Pancakes

Matcha Snob Approved...

So... matcha is a bit of a touchy subject in our kitchen. Everyone has a different preference of how they enjoy it. Our residential older taste testers always think that we go way too overboard on the matcha, while our younger bakers (Henceforth referred to as Boba Squad) always want more (Gelato board for reference; Old geezers think level 3 is best, Boba Squad say level 27). We decided to find a middle ground, but feel free to adjust the matcha to your liking.


The Science

Something interesting we got educated on was that the taste of matcha that we know and love cannot be accomplished without fat (Heavy Cream, cocoa butter, whole milk). Matcha has a natural occuring phenol called catechin that cause it to be astringent. Very similar to wine and tannins, if there isn't a way to relieve the effects; Catechins will bind with proteins in saliva and cause your tissue to constrict. This is why matcha has such an idyllic relationship with white chocolate. As we move forward keep this in mind if you identify with the boba squad. 

Let's Get Cooking...

Disclaimer: For this recipe, adjust the amount of recipe as needed. this recipe would be a No. 4 on the Matcha ice cream index. We highly recommend not skimping out on the white chocolate or vegan white chocolate substitute because of the aforementioned astringency. We included links to the products we used.


Manoa Mochi Baking Mix 1 Bag
Ito-en Matcha Powder 30g
Whole Milk or Whole Milk Substitute 350g
Heavy Whipping Cream or HWC Substitute 50g
Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chips 50g


Equipment Needed:

    • Whisk
      • If you don't have a hand mixer, a good stainless steel whisk is essential.
    • Strainer
      • Dusting, straining pasta, vegetable ice baths, you'll need one.
    • Stainless Steel Bowl
      • If you don't have some in your house, we really recommend getting some
    • #12 Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop
      • Optional, we like using a scoop to keep things clean. Also, helps prevent us from eating whole cartons of Haagen-Daz.
    • Zojirushi Electric Flat Top Griddle
      • Optional, but if you don't have one, they are really worth having in your house (Less Dishes, and cheap at home K-BBQ / Yakiniku nights). We usually have Zojirushi rice cookers in our houses, so naturally we gravitate to the brand, but any flat top is better than none. 

  1. Add Manoa Mochi Baking Mix to a bowl and sifted matcha powder
    1. You are going to want to sift to avoid clumps 
  2. Whisk matcha and Manoa Mochi Baking Mix together
  3. Add your wet ingredients
  4. Whisk together 
  5. Fold in White chocolate chips
  6. Let rest and heat up griddle
    1. We always recommend letting batters rest so the mix can homogenize.


Scoop and Sizzle...

  1. Set your griddle to 350F / 177C or your non-stick pan to medium-high heat
  2. Lightly lubricate with butter or oil.
    1. Or not, depending on preference.
  3. Cook until slightly brown and flip.
  4. Brown the other side, stack, and serve!



Pro Tips

  1. When serving the matcha pancakes whipped cream or a vegan whipped topping is HIGHLY recommended! The fat will harmonize with the matcha and give you the flavor you want
  2. In the main image we are drizzling our White Rabbit Milk Syrup. You can find the recipe in our recipes section.
  3. Lubricating or not will have a vast difference on the finished pancake crust. in our photos we mostly use butter. Below is a blurry and not very appetizing image for reference (We are currently working on our photography game, we apologize).




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