Cookies and Cream Mochi Waffles

Aloha Everyone! Today we wanted make another simple recipe that would be awesome to do with the kids this weekend. It requires three ingredients, tastes like a cookies and cream pocky, and is a guaranteed winner for brunch. Let's hele on!

Equipment Required

  • Whisk
    • If you don't have a hand/stand mixer, a good stainless steel whisk is essential.
  • Kitchen Scale or Tablespoon
    • We highly recommend using a kitchen scale. Not only is it way more precise than volume measurements, the difference between the two can make or break a recipe.
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
    • If you don't have some in your house, we really recommend getting some
  • Warring WW200 Commercial
    • Great commercial waffle iron for home if you are a serious about brunch.

The Recipe

Manoa Mochi Baking Mix 419g 1 Bag
Crushed Oreo Cookies
60g 1/2 Cup
Water or Milk (Preferably Milk) 175g 1 & 1/4 Cup

Let's start cooking 🤙🏽

  • Preheat waffle iron to medium-high heat.
  • Mix all ingredients together with a whisk.
  • Pour batter into waffle iron.

Oreo Manoa Mochi Waffle

  • Cook waffles until slightly golden brown.
  • Plate with whipped cream, and Oreo Cookies.

Manoa Oreo Mochi Waffle


Pro Tips...

  • Follow the Mochi Donut Recipe to make Cookies and Cream Mochi Donuts.

Manoa Oreo Mochi Waffle

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