3-Ingredient Ube Mochi Pancakes

Back in Hawai'i whenever a friend would come visit, there would most likely be a stop by Yogurstory to try their Ube Pancakes (Image below for referrence). They were arguably the first place to offer the vibrant purple yams in this fashion. This recipe is an ode to that experience from back home. Sadly, we don't have a great recipe to mimic the Ube halaya syrup they have, but we are working on it (I asked the owner a while back, but aunty keeps that secret locked tight).


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    The Recipe...

    Ube Mochi Pancakes

    Understanding how difficult it may be to get access to ingredients, we made this recipe as simple as possible with easily accessible ingredients. If you can't get to your local asian grocery store, these items are readily available on Amazon.

     Ingredients Metric (g) Imperial
    Manoa Original Mochi Baking Mix


    1 bag
    McCormick Ube Extract
    5 1tsp
    Fil-Choice Dried Ube Powder
    50 1/4 Cup
    Water 360 1 1/2 Cup


    Ube Mochi Pancakes Manoa Bake Co

    • Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl.

    Ube Mochi Pancakes Manoa Bake Mix

    • Use a whisk to mix all ingredients until smooth.
    • Let rest and heat a non-stick pan or griddle to medium high heat.
    • Once pan is heated scoop desired amount onto pan and cook until golden brown.

    Ube Mochi Pancakes Manoa Bake Co

    • Plate stacked up and enjoy.

    Ube Mochi Pancakes Manoa Bake Co

    Ube Mochi Pancakes Manoa Bake Co

    Pro Tips

    1. Use a non stick pan without any oil or grease for a smoother crust.
      • Similar to Japanese Dorayaki, excess grease and lubrication will lead to a different surface.

    Ube Mochi Pancakes Manoa Bake Co


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